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Jump Back in Time 第一次世界大战与爵士时代  (1914-1928)
Company 'I', 1919
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This 1917 hit song, "Over There," written by George M. Cohan and performed by Billy Murray

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西元1917年4月6日,美国添加盟国的行列 (英国、法国、俄国) ,投入第一次世界大战。在约翰.潘兴 (John J. Pershing) 将军的带领下,有超过2百万名美国士兵在法国战场上作战。许多美国人并不赞成投入第一次世界大战,同时要求政府应该保持中立。然而,美国最终还是成为参战国。你知道这场战争为什么爆发,而美国又为什么要添加吗?

On April 6, 1917, the U.S. joined its allies--Britain, France, and Russia--to fight in World War I. Under the command of Major General John J. Pershing, more than 2 million U.S. soldiers fought on battlefields in France. Many Americans were not in favor of the U.S. entering the war and wanted to remain neutral. However, the U.S. eventually did enter the war. Do you know how the war began and why the U.S. became a part of it?


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