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Photo of Pete Seeger singing and playing banjo
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比特.西格 (Pete Seeger) 出生于191953

你可能知道披头士 (Beatles) 、至上合唱团 (Supremes) 、滚石 (Rolling Stones) 、麦克.杰克森 (Michael Jackson) ,以及史密斯飞船 (Aerosmith) 等列名在摇滚乐名人堂 (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) 的团体。但是你可能从来没有听过比特.西格。尽管如此,西格的重要性并不亚于这些摇滚团体。比特.西格是美国最伟大的民歌手与作曲家之一。民歌的旋律通常相当简单,同时也常用吉他伴奏。你能说出现在有哪些民歌手吗?你觉得珠儿 (Jewel) 或崔西.查普曼 (Tracy Chapman) 是不是民歌手呢?

You probably know that the Beatles, Supremes, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Aerosmith, among many others, are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You may never have heard of Pete Seeger, but he is no less an important member. Pete Seeger is one of America's greatest folk singers and composers. Folk songs are usually simple in melody and are often played on acoustic guitar. Can you name any folk singers of today? How about Jewel or Tracy Chapman?


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