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Portrait of Leontyne Price singing, 1953
黎昂婷.普莱斯在1953年演唱 “La Voyante of Sanguet”
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黎昂婷.普莱斯 (Leontyne Price) 出生于1927210

你有没有想像自己赢得葛莱美奖 (
Grammy Award) 的情况?歌手黎昂婷.普莱斯曾经赢得18座葛莱美奖,但是她却不是为了得奖而开始演唱的。当普莱斯还是个小女孩时,她无意间听到传奇非裔美籍歌手玛丽安.安德森 (Marian Anderson) 的歌声。


抒情女高音黎昂婷.普莱斯于1927210日在密西西比州的劳瑞市 (Laurel) 出生。当她开始登台表演时,只有5岁或6岁。你知道是什么玩具使得普莱斯走向歌唱生涯吗?

Do you ever imagine yourself winning a Grammy award? Singer Leontyne Price won 18 Grammy awards, but it wasn't winning an award that first inspired her. When she was a little girl, Price heard the legendary African American singer Marian Anderson.

"When I saw this wonderful woman come from the wings in this white satin dress," she said, "I knew instantly: one of these days, I'm going to come out of the wings . . . The light dawned. It was a magic moment."

Lyric soprano Leontyne Price was born on February 10, 1927, in Laurel, Mississippi. She was only five or six years old when she started performing. What toy do you think could have started Price on the path to a singing career?


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