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Portrait of Carson McCullers, 1959
卡尔森.玛克勒斯 (摄于1959年)
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卡尔森.玛克勒斯 (Carson McCullers) 出生于1917219

卡尔森.玛克勒斯对南方相当熟悉,因为她就是在那里长大的。玛克勒斯一定也很清楚孤独的感受,因为在她的故事里,她总是描述孤单人们的生活。在她最有名的小说同是天涯沦落人 (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) 里,他剖析了经济大萧条时,四个南方农人的「寂寞的心情」。卡尔森.玛克勒斯于1917219日在佐治亚州的哥伦布市 (Columbus) 出生,她从来都没有想要当一个作家。

Carson McCullers knew all about the South because she grew up there. She must have known about feeling lonely, too, because her stories center on the lives of lonely people. Her most famous novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, looks into the "lonely hearts" of four people in a Southern mill town during the Great Depression. Born Lula Carson Smith on February 19, 1917, in Columbus, Georgia, Carson McCullers did not always want to be a writer.


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