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Pin boy in bowling alley
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保龄球王唐恩.卡特 (Don Carter) 出生于1926729

你喜欢打保龄球吗?唐恩.卡特在1926729日出生于密苏里州的圣路易 (St. Louis) ,他就很喜欢这项运动。他后来成为世界上最伟大的保龄球选手之一。卡特对保龄球的热爱从他还是小孩子时候就开始了。在球瓶机器出现之前,他的工作就是用手排置十支球瓶。在全盛时期时,他是职业保龄球坛的球王。西元1961年,卡特成为第一位在一年内同时赢得明星赛 (All-Star) 、世界邀请赛 (World’s Invitational) 、美国职业保龄球选手协会 (Professional Bowlers Association of America, PBA) 全国大赛,以及美国保龄球协会大师巡回赛 (American Bowling Congress Masters Tournaments) 冠军的选手。卡特最爱的这项运动是怎么出现的呢?

Do you like to bowl? Don Carter, born in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 29, 1926, loved the sport. He became one of the greatest bowlers of all time. Carter's fascination with bowling started when he was a child. He had a job as a pin-setter, resetting the 10 pins by hand before there were machines to do so. He went on to dominate the professional sport in its heyday. In 1961, Carter became the first bowler to win the All-Star, World's Invitational, Professional Bowlers Association of America (PBA) national championship and American Bowling Congress Masters tournaments in the same year. Where did Carter's favorite sport come from?


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