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Jump Back in Time 第一次世界大战与爵士时代  (1914-1928)
Left: Hughie Jennings, manager, Detroit American League. Center: Ty Cobb Steals Third [from Jimmy Austin, St. Louis Browns]. Right: Ty Cobb, outfield, Detroit, American League., 1912.
这是有泰.柯布打球激活的棒球卡 (1912年)
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泰.柯布 (Ty Cobb) 于1927718日打出第四千支安打

1927年,你可能会认为是贝比.鲁斯 (Babe Ruth) 或者是泰.柯布。西元1927718日,柯布击出生涯第4000支安打。你能想像打出4000支安打的情形吗?柯布被许多人认为是棒球史上最伟大的攻击选手。他在18岁的时候就开始了职业棒球生涯,在他打过的24个球季中,有22个球季是为底特律老虎队 (Tigers) 效力。在这张1912年的棒球卡中,柯布正盗向三垒。

Who do you think are the greatest baseball players of all time? If it were 1927, you might have named Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb. On July 18, 1927, Cobb recorded his 4,000th career hit. Can you imagine getting 4,000 hits? Cobb is considered by many to be the greatest offensive player in baseball history. He started his professional baseball career when he was 18 years old. For 22 out of 24 seasons, he played with the Detroit Tigers. In this baseball card from 1912, Cobb is stealing third base.


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