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Jump Back in Time 第一次世界大战与爵士时代  (1914-1928)
James Baldwin, 1955
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小说家、散文家,以及剧作家詹姆斯.包得温 (James Baldwin) 出生于192482

「他转身面对窗户,看着窗外说:『所有的仇恨、悲伤,以及爱恋都在那里。那个街道没有因为这些情感而分裂,真是一个奇迹。』」桑尼的蓝调 (Sonny’s Blues) 一书中的主角桑尼说出这段话。这是一篇由詹姆斯.包得温所写的短篇故事,他同时也是小说家、散文家,以及剧作家。包得温具有将人类情感以文字表达出来的天分。


"He turned back to the window, looking out. 'All that hatred down there,' he said, 'all that hatred and misery and love. It's a wonder it doesn't blow the avenue apart.'" So says Sonny in Sonny's Blues, a short story by novelist, essayist, and playwright James Baldwin. Baldwin had a terrific gift for showing us human emotion.

Born the eldest of nine children on August 2, 1924, James Baldwin grew up in the poverty of Harlem, New York. He went on to become a major figure in both American literature and the civil rights movement. Have you or your family read any of his books?


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