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Jump Back in Time 殖民时期的美国  (1492-1763)
Bust of Livingston fresco in U.S. Capitol
在美国首府,利文斯敦湿壁半身画像 (在潮湿的壁面上作画) 。

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在革命时期,他是个法律专家、政治家和政治领导者,乔治华盛顿还曾经送给他一本栽种马铃薯的小册子,他对蒸汽的发明有诸多贡献。他是谁?他就是罗伯.利文斯敦,在17461127日出生。利文斯敦 曾经为大陆会议的诸多委员会效力,也是独立宣言起草者之一。他同时也协助起草了第一部纽约州宪法,在购买路易斯安那州时,他担任对法公使。

He was a jurist, a statesman and a political leader of the Revolutionary period; George Washington sent him a pamphlet on the cultivation of potatoes; and he had a lot to do with steam. Who is he? Robert R. Livingston, born on November 27, 1746. Livingston served on numerous committees in the Continental Congress, including the one that drafted the Declaration of Independence. He helped draft New York's first constitution, and served as minister to France at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

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