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Jump Back in Time 殖民时期的美国  (1492-1763)
Painting of John Hancock about to sign a document

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当你想到签名的时候,第一个想到的应该就是约翰.汉考克,他出生于1737年的今天。约翰.汉考克他醒目的签名是最为大家所传颂的。177682日,在各州独立会议开会之际,他是第一个在独立宣言上签名的人,这是美国第一份要求脱离大英帝国统治的文档。 (这份宣言在177674日被〞采纳〞或接受。) 你是如何签名的呢?

When you sign your name, that's known as giving your John Hancock. Born on this day in 1737, John Hancock is most famous for his bold signature. On August 2, 1776, he was the first member of the Continental Congress to sign the Declaration of Independence, the document first demanding independence for the United States from the rule of Great Britain. (The Declaration was "adopted," or accepted, on July 4, 1776.) How do you sign your name?

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