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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Oberlin student body, 1906
欧柏林大学的学生 (1906年)

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行动主义者玛丽.秋契.泰瑞 (Mary Church Terrell) 于1863923日出生了

泰瑞是第一位从美国大学毕业的具有非洲血统的美国女性。她就读于俄亥俄州的欧柏林大学 (Oberlin College) ,这是第一所接受妇女入学,同时也是前十所接受所有种族学生的学校之一。泰瑞于1888年在这里取得了她的硕士学位,也开始了她的教职生涯。在她嫁给一位叫作罗伯特.泰瑞 (Robert Terrell) 的华盛顿执业律师后,她开始活跃于争取投票权运动,并且为了妇女,尤其是非裔美籍妇女应享有投票权而大声疾呼。

Terrell was one of the first American women of African descent to graduate from college. She attended Oberlin College in Ohio, America's first college to admit women and among the first to admit students of all races. She earned her master's degree from Oberlin in 1888 and began her career as a teacher. After her marriage to Washington lawyer Robert Terrell, she became active in the suffrage movement, speaking out for women's right to vote, particularly on behalf of African-American women.
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