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Jump Back in Time 内战 (1860-1865)
Portrait of Mary Church Terrell, between 1880 and 1900.

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行动主义者玛丽.秋契.泰瑞 (Mary Church Terrell) 于1863923日出生了

1898年,玛丽.秋契.泰瑞为文指出:「尽管非裔美籍妇女拥有许多理想与抱负,但是她们却因为性别因素而处处受到牵制,同时不管在哪里,因为种族因素,都受到许多阻挠与嘲笑。」因此,泰瑞为了争取社会与教育改革而不停奋战着。泰瑞于1863923日出生于田纳西州的孟斐斯 (Memphis) ,她是一个教育家、政治行动主义者,也是「全国有色人种妇女协会」 (National Association of Colored Women) 的第一位会长。泰瑞很清楚教育的重要性。

In 1898, Mary Church Terrell wrote how African-American women "with ambition and aspiration [are] handicapped on account of their sex, but they are everywhere baffled and mocked on account of their race." She fought for equality through social and educational reform. Born on September 23, 1863, in Memphis, Tennessee, Terrell became an educator, political activist, and the first president of the National Association of Colored Women. Terrell understood the value of education.

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