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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)

A screen shot from 'President McKinley's funeral cortege at Washington, D.C. part 1 of 3,' 1901


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宾州大道是美国最「重要的街道」,也是联邦最早兴建的道路之一。包括乔治.华盛顿与托马斯.杰佛逊都认为这条街道是首都最重要的象征。一开始,这条「重要大道」只是一条泥土路,后来杰佛逊在两旁种植了长得很快的白 杨树。这条大道连接了白宫和国会大厦,并且成为整个国家的仪式中心。你知道宾州大道上还发生过什么事情吗?

Pennsylvania Avenue, America's "Main Street," was one of the earliest streets constructed in the federal city. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson considered the avenue an important feature of the new capital city. At first, this "Grand Avenue" was just a dirt road that Jefferson had planted with rows of fast-growing poplar trees. That stretch of the avenue between the White House and the Capitol has served the country well as a ceremonial heart of the nation. What other things have happened on Pennsylvania Avenue?
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VIDEO CREDIT: Edison, Thomas A., Inc. "President McKinley's funeral cortege at Washington, D.C. part 1 of 3." 1901. The Last Days of a President: Films of McKinley and the Pan-American Exposition, 1901, Library of Congress.