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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
A Glimpse of the Inaugural

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亚伯拉罕.林肯 (Abraham Lincoln) 于186134日就职总统

林肯的就职演说很振奋人心。他最大的诉求就是要维系联邦政府的完整。为了确保北方各州支持的同时,同时维系住南方各州,他主张南北进行妥协和解。他承诺他将不会通过武力来维系联邦或者是侵犯南方各个蓄奴州。不久之后,林肯收到来自南卡罗来纳查尔斯顿港的森特堡 (Fort Sumter) 要求中央提供补给品的信件。这个要求变成林肯的大麻烦,因为当时北方与南方之间的关系很紧张,提供森特堡补给物资将会使情况变得更糟糕,因为这个堡垒就位在蓄奴州里。不过,因为林肯在就职演说中已经明白承诺,他不会放弃任何一个联邦政府掌控的领土,例如森特堡,所以决定提供补给物资,而不愿意将森特堡的军队撤回。 南方联盟在1861412日攻打森特堡,因此开始了内战。林肯总统也因此被卷入这个国家最严重的危机之一。

Lincoln's inaugural address was stirring. He appealed for the preservation of the Union. To retain his support in the North without further alienating the South, he called for compromise. He promised he would not initiate force to maintain the Union or interfere with slavery in the states in which it already existed. Soon after, Lincoln received word that Fort Sumter, located in Charleston harbor, South Carolina, would have to be resupplied. The situation presented a problem, as tensions between the North and the South were very high. Resupplying the fort might inflame the situation because it was located in a slave-holding state. Yet Lincoln, in his inaugural address, had promised that the Union would not give up control of federal territory, such as Fort Sumter. The fort was resupplied, and Lincoln refused to evacuate it. The Confederates attacked the fort on April 12, 1861. The Civil War had begun, and President Lincoln was thrust into the middle of one of this country's greatest crises.
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