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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Farragut's Flagship Hartford

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联邦海军于1864823日攻占阿拉巴马州的摩根堡 (Fort Morgan)

法拉格听到前方士兵大喊「前有鱼雷!」,他大声地回应「该死的鱼雷!」然后就搭着他的军舰「哈特福德」号 (Hartford) 率领军队在鱼雷区上航行,进入阿拉巴马州的「摩比湾」 (Mobil Bay) 。军舰的底部甚至轻轻碰到鱼雷,但是并没有引爆。其他的军舰跟着法拉格一一进入海湾,最后并击败南方联盟的军队获得胜利。

In reply to the warning, "Torpedoes ahead!" given by the ships ahead, Farragut called out, "Damn the torpedoes!" and taking the lead with his flagship the Hartford, sailed over the double row of mines and into Mobile Bay in Alabama. The bottom of the ship even scraped the mines. But none exploded. The rest of the fleet followed Farragut's flagship into the bay, and to victory against the Confederate fleet.
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