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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Portrait of Rear Admiral David G. Farragut

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联邦海军于1864823日攻占阿拉巴马州的摩根堡 (Fort Morgan)

「该死的鱼雷!上吧!」联邦军队少将大卫.法拉格 (David Farragut) 在内战期间往阿拉巴马州的摩根堡 (Fort Morgan) 前进时,在战斗中大声叫出了这句有名的话。在1864823日,联邦海军占领了这座堡垒,也破坏了南方联盟对墨西哥湾之港口的独霸优势。联邦政府的18艘军舰在85日驶入河道里。轰的一声!一艘军舰误触鱼雷而爆炸。士兵们纷纷喊着:「前方有鱼雷!」而领队的将军是否听到了呢?

"Damn the Torpedoes! Go Ahead!" Union Admiral David Farragut shouted this famous line in a brave moment of the Civil War on his way to Fort Morgan, Alabama. On August 23, 1864, the Union navy captured the fort, breaking the Confederate dominance of the ports of the Gulf of Mexico. The Union fleet of 18 ships sailed into the channel on August 5. Boom! One of the ships hit a mine, at the time known as a "torpedo." "Torpedoes ahead!" came the warning. Did the Admiral listen?

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