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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Fredericksburg, Va., Nurses and officers of the U.S. Sanitary.
内战期间的护士与监督官 (弗吉尼亚州的福瑞德瑞课斯堡)

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雪曼 (Sherman) 于1865311日攻下了「法叶村」 (Fayetteville)

法叶村的妇女还组成了许多团体,例如「受伤士兵救济团」 (Sick Soldier’s Relief Society) 与「士兵援助团」 (Soldier’s Aid Society) 等等。北方与南方的妇女也为伤患包扎绷带,并且编织袜子给士兵穿,以免他们受寒。其中还有一些妇女,例如路易莎.梅.爱尔考特 (Louisa May Alcott,也就是小妇人的作者) ,自愿担任护士照顾这些伤患。妇女在美国的其他战争中扮演着什么样的角色?现在的妇女又应该扮演什么样的角色呢?

The women in Fayetteville formed groups like the Sick Soldier's Relief Society and the Soldier's Aid Society. In the South and in the North too, women made bandages for the wounded and knit socks to keep the soldiers' feet warm and dry. A few, Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, among them, volunteered to nurse the wounded. What roles did women play in other American wars? What roles should they play now?
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