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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Shibe Park, home of the Philadelphia Athletics, 1913

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柯尼勒斯.亚历山大.麦克吉利库狄 (Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy) 于18621222日出生了

麦克带领运动家队在1902年赢得首次世界冠军。他常说棒球有75%的时间是在投球,而强势的投球也就是这支冠军队伍的标志。他擅长将年轻投手教导成为一个明星。在19101914年之间,他的球队共赢得了四次美 国联盟冠军,更赢得了三次世界冠军。

1937年时,麦克入选进入棒球名人堂 (Baseball Hall of Fame) 。当他在1950年退下经理一直时,他已经87岁了。康尼.麦克当前还保有担任最多比赛场次经理的纪录,一共有7878场。此外,他也保有空前的胜场纪录,共有3776场胜场。但是因为他投入球赛的时间那么的长,他也保有败战最多的纪录,共吞下了4025场败战。

Mack led the A's to their first pennant in 1902. He often said that pitching was 75 percent of baseball, and strong pitching was the hallmark of his winning teams. He had a reputation for turning young pitchers into stars. Between 1910 and 1914, his club won four American League pennants and three World Series.

In 1937, Mack was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was 87 years old when he retired from managing in 1950. Connie Mack holds the record among managers for total games, at 7,878. He also holds the all-time record for games won, at 3,776. But because he was in the game for so long, he also has the all-time record for games lost: 4,025!

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