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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Philadelphia Athletics, Champions of the World, 1913

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柯尼勒斯.亚历山大.麦克吉利库狄 (Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy) 于18621222日出生了

麦克将他的球队取名为「运动家」 (Athletics) ,并且担任该队经理长达50年之久。大家都称呼他为麦克先生。记者们很容易就可以拍到麦克站在长凳子上的照片。他总是穿着正式的西装。他从来都不曾穿过球队的制服,另外,除非赛前会议室在俱乐部举行,否则他也很少到俱乐部玩乐,这是他在进入大联盟前就养成的习惯了。他习惯在场上用挥舞计分卡的方式来调度球员,因此也让他赢得了「场上的第十位球员」。不管他的特殊风格为何,康尼.麦克就是有创造一支冠军队伍的能力。

Mack renamed his team the Athletics and remained the manager and owner for 50 years. Mr. Mack, as he was respectfully referred to, was easy to spot on the bench (and in this photograph). He was the man in the business suit. He never wore a uniform and rarely went into the clubhouse, except for a pre-game meeting, a practice he began in the major leagues. His habit of directing his players on the field by waving his scorecard earned him the title "10th Man on the Field." Whatever his particular style, Connie Mack had a knack for creating a winning team.
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