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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
View from the top of Lookout Mountain

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「查特怒加之战」 (Battle of Chattanooga) 于18631123日爆发了

南方联盟位在「远望山」 (Lookout Mountain) 山上的指挥所、位于田纳西河谷上方2千英尺的高处,叛军对着驻扎在山下查特怒加的联邦军队发射炮弹。叛军瞄准从田纳西西部运送补给物资到达当地村庄的河道与铁道,联邦军队因为遭到包围,而且无法获得更多补给物资,联邦军队在当时看似将要被歼灭了,情况十分危急。

不过,到了10月中,在年轻将领乔治.托马斯 (George Thomas) 少将的带领下,联邦军队的命运有了改变。不久之后,约瑟夫.虎克 (Joseph Hooker) 少将带领2万名士兵进入这个区域。而联邦总司令尤利塞斯·格兰特 (Ulysses S. Grant) 将军也随后带兵进入。他下令联邦的工程师在村落的西边架设一座浮桥,让军队能够将食物与火药运到村落里。当雪曼将军率领万

Commanding posts at Lookout Mountain, almost 2,000 feet above the Tennessee River Valley, Confederates fired cannonballs down upon the Union troops at Chattanooga. They aimed for river and rail traffic that entered the village with supplies from Union-controlled western Tennessee. Surrounded, with no supply lines, the Union troops seemed destined to fall.

Their fate changed in mid-October with the fresh leadership of Major General George Thomas. Shortly thereafter, Major General Joseph Hooker moved into the area with 20,000 Union soldiers. Union General Ulysses S. Grant followed. He ordered Union engineers to construct a pontoon bridge west of town, giving the army access to shipments of food and ammunitions once again. When General Sherman arrived with 16,000 more men in mid-November, the Union Army was ready to fight.

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