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Jump Back in Time 内战 (1860-1865)
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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「查特怒加之战」 (Battle of Chattanooga) 于18631123日爆发了

历时三天的「查特怒加之战」是美国军事历史上最戏剧性的事件。这场战争于18631123日爆发,当战争退出时,联邦军队将南方联盟军队驱离田纳西州的查特怒加,敌军撤退至佐治亚州,这样的结果使联邦军队指挥官威廉.雪曼 (William T. Sherman) 在一年后得到「向海洋前进」 (March to the Sea) 的胜利。雪曼对南方城镇造成严重的破坏,当他的军队在乔治亚的亚特兰大与沙瓦那等地焚毁村落尽情破坏时,也解放了许多奴隶。


The three-day Battle of Chattanooga is one of the most dramatic turnabouts in American military history. It began on November 23, 1863, and when the fighting stopped, Union forces had driven Confederate troops away from Chattanooga, Tennessee, into Georgia, setting the stage for Union General William T. Sherman's triumphant "March to the Sea" a year later. Sherman wreaked havoc on Southern towns and freed slaves as his troops blazed a path of destruction, burning towns between Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia.

It was a strategic victory because of the town's steamboat port and railway station. But in the early fall of 1863, rebel forces moved into the mountains and bluffs overlooking Chattanooga, trapping the Union Army.

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