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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
William Jennings Bryan Statue

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威廉.珍宁斯.布莱恩 (William Jennings Bryan) 于1860319日出生了

在他36岁的时候,布来恩参加总统竞选。他在一篇演讲中指控有钱人牺牲了一般老百姓的利益,而决定以金价标准来决定纸币的币值是错误的。「你最好不要强迫劳工接受这顶有刺的皇冠,你最好不要用金子来压制老百姓。」这篇感人肺腑的演讲赢得了许多许多人的支持,但是他却没有因此而赢得总统选举。经过三次失败的竞选之后,布来恩在威尔逊总统任内担任了美国的国务卿。到了1915年的时候,当时第一次世界大战已经逼近,而布来恩并不支持威尔逊总统的外交政策,所以他辞去国务卿的职位。他认为威尔逊总统的政策将会让美国陷入 反德国的战争泥淖之中。

At 36, Bryan ran for president. He delivered a speech accusing the wealthy of supporting the gold standard (the worth of paper money determined by the value of gold) at the expense of the average worker. "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold," he said. This moving speech gained him support, but not enough to win the presidency. After three unsuccessful presidential races, Bryan served as secretary of state under Woodrow Wilson. However, he resigned in 1915 as World War I approached because he opposed Wilson's foreign policies, which he believed would draw America into a war against Germany.
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