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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Photo of Confederate dead by a fence on the Hagerstown road, Antietam, Md.

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安提耶坦之战 (Battle of Antietam) :1862917

仗着庞大人数的优势,联邦军队冲破了南方联盟的防线。联邦军队的子弹如雨般落在南方联盟的士兵身上,而因为这场猛烈的攻击悲剧,这条称作森肯路 (Sunken Road) 的道路也变成「血腥道路」 (Bloody Lane) 。

在「石墙」杰克森将军的炮火掩护下,南方联盟军队朝夏普斯堡撤退,而联邦军队在同一时间内也开始撤退。不久后,南方联盟的援军及时赶到,化解了由安布鲁斯.伯恩赛得 (
Ambrose Burnside) 率领之联邦军队的第二波进攻。

当夜晚来临时,南方联盟已经占领了夏普斯堡地区,但是战争的胜利却是属于联邦政府的。在这场战役中,超过23千人死亡、受伤,或者是在行动中失去踪影。隔天,李将军开始沿着波多马克河 (Potomac River) 撤退。李将军是打算重新招募新兵,并且留在联邦政府的马里兰蓄奴州、进行补给,但他的计画却失败了。隔年,李将军率领军队再次进攻联邦政府的领土,也掀起了1863年宾州的盖茨堡之战 (Battle of Gettysburg) 的序幕。

An overwhelming number of Northerners broke through the Confederates' line. Union bullets rained down the lane onto Confederate soldiers, and the former Sunken Road came to be known as Bloody Lane because of the tragic death toll suffered there.

Covered by cannon fire from General Stonewall Jackson's artillery, the Southerners retreated toward Sharpsburg, while the Union troops fell back. New Southern troops arrived in time to repel a second Union attack led by General Ambrose Burnside.

By nightfall, the Confederates occupied the town of Sharpsburg, but the battle was a Union victory. More than 23,000 men were killed, wounded, or missing in action. The next day, Lee began his retreat across the Potomac River. Lee's plan to find new recruits and supplies in Maryland, a slave-holding state that remained in the Union, had failed. The next year he would launch another assault into Union territory, which came to a head at the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

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