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Jump Back in Time 内战  (1860-1865)
Arlington, Va. Brig. Gen. Gustavus A. DeRussey (third from left) and staff on portico of Arlington House.

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阿灵顿国家公墓 (Arlington National Cemetery) :1864513

这个地方本来是李将军故居的一部份,他和他的妻子玛丽.安娜 (Mary Anna) 在这里结婚并一直住到1861年。当李将军接任南方联盟军队的指挥官时,联邦军队把他的老家拿来当成军事总部,并且在四处扎营。阿灵顿故居现在已经被修复得和内战之前一模一样,以纪念李经军的事迹。你可以到那里参观,想 像自己回到1830年代。如果你可以建造一座纪念碑或纪念塔,你会想用来彰显哪一位人物呢?

The grounds used to be part of Arlington House, where General Robert E. Lee and his wife Mary Anna married and lived until 1861. When Lee left to take command of the Confederate troops, the Union Army turned his old home into a military headquarters and the land around it into a camp. The Arlington House has now been restored to its pre-Civil War condition and is a memorial to Robert E. Lee. You can visit it and imagine yourself traveling back in time to the 1830s. If you could build a monument or memorial, what or whom would you honor?
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