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Photo of several people trying to saddle a wild horse while two men on horseback watch from the distance

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Mr. T的公牛是一头难驾驭的公牛!

1920年代时,拓荒者日新增了一项驾驭公牛的项目,这个在夏延镇举办、始于1897年的节庆旨在庆祝牛仔文化。公牛拥有自己的名字,如:「坏到骨子里」及「Mr. T.」,而180名牛仔曾试骑Mr. T,但都被他摔出去,停留在Mr. T.背上最久的记录为八秒钟!

内战(Civil War)过后的一段时期,牛仔来到怀俄明寻求冒险生活及机会;他们都是熟练且无惧的骑马手,他们都曾沿着小径将长角牛从墨西哥及德州赶到怀俄明,以便将牛肉提供给驻扎在怀俄明境内的各个军事兵营。座落在牧地中央及联合太平洋铁路旁的夏延镇曾试着吸引商机及人潮。所以1896年时,一群牛仔决定要举办一场竞赛。



A bull named Mr. T was one mean bull!

In the 1920s bull riding was added as an event to Frontier Days, a celebration of cowboy culture that was first held in 1897 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Bulls had names like Bad to the Bone and Mr. T. More than 180 cowboys tried to ride Mr. T, but he threw them all off. The longest any of them was able to stay on was eight seconds!

In the period following the Civil War, cowboys came to Wyoming looking for adventure and opportunity. They were skilled and fearless horsemen who herded longhorn cattle up the trails from Mexico and Texas to provide beef to various military posts in the Wyoming territory. The town of Cheyenne, located along the Union Pacific Railroad in the heart of ranch land, was trying to attract business and people. So, in 1896, a group of cowboys decided to hold a contest.

The following year, the first Frontier Days celebration took place. The cowboys roped steers and demonstrated rope tricks. They also challenged each other in the activity that is a true test of a cowboy's skill -- riding a bucking bronco (a wild horse that has a tendency to buck, or throw, its rider).

Cheyenne no longer has a problem attracting people. The Frontier Days celebration attracts more than 180,000 visitors!

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