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卡本特(Gat Caperton)19983月冬季庆典中扮演现代的乔治华盛顿并欢庆唯一的总统沐浴纪念活动

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冬季的水之宴(柏克莱泉Berkeley Springs)


1748年,当华盛顿还是个年青的土地丈量人员时,他曾造访过前线的温暖泉水。印地安人对这个区域相当的熟悉,为了浸泡在山泉中冒着气泡的温暖池水中,他们远从加拿大及卡罗来纳前来。1776年,华盛顿及一些朋友在西弗吉尼亚州兴建了贝斯镇(town of Bath),旨在款待这些前来泡澡的人。

虽然该镇的官方名称仍为贝斯,但自19世纪早期后,它就以柏克莱泉闻名于世。对这些寻求温泉或矿泉的人来说,它仍是一片绿洲。每年冬天,镇上都会举行一场连续三个月的庆祝活动,大肆颂扬水的疗效。柏克莱泉国际水测试竞赛(Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition)就是活动中的一件大事,竞赛委员会品尝世界各地的水,包括来自于50多个市立水厂的自来水。

其他的活动内容还包括了乔治华盛顿的浴缸庆祝活动(George Washington's Bathtub Celebration)。庆典上还展示了乔治华盛顿的日记,日记内容就记载了他到贝斯镇的拜访行程。人们可沿着华盛顿最爱的走道四处游览,到州立公园的浴缸纪念馆一游,或者是到华盛顿下榻的小旅馆参观。所以出发前往柏克莱泉,并一探乔治华盛顿泡澡的地点吧!

George Washington -- surveyor, farmer, hero of the Revolutionary War, first president of the United States, and founder of the country's first spa. That's right -- a spa!

In 1748, when George Washington was a young surveyor, he visited warm springs on the frontier. The area was already well known to the Indians, who traveled from as far away as Canada and the Carolinas to bathe in the warm water bubbling up from the mountain springs. In 1776, Washington and some friends established the town of Bath, West Virginia, for the purpose of entertaining those who came to bathe.

Although the town's official name is still Bath, since the early 19th century it has been known as Berkeley Springs. It is still an oasis for those in search of a spa or a mineral spring. Every winter the town hosts a three-month celebration of the healing power of water. One of the events is the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition. Water from around the world is tasted at this competition, including tap water from more than 50 municipal facilities.

Other events include George Washington's Bathtub Celebration. There are readings from George Washington's diaries about his visits to Bath. People are taken along Washington's favorite walkways around town, to the bathtub monument in the state park and to the inn where Washington slept. So head to Berkeley Springs and see the place where George Washington bathed.

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