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Photo of two Cape Fox Dancers in costume

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那么您一定要到华盛顿州的西雅图走一趟,参加它的西北民俗祭,观赏好望角狐舞者(Cape Fox Dancer)的舞蹈表演。

好望角狐舞者是特领吉族印地安(Tlingit Indian)部落的成员。这个舞团是由60位强壮的成员所组成,他们会击鼓、吟唱及跳舞。常规的表演包括杀人鲸之舞及欢迎酋长舞。好望角狐舞者会身穿鲜艳、有穗的毛毯制衣物,头戴附有貂皮(小型鼬鼠)尾的毛帽,并戴上雕刻成鸦、老鹰、熊及狼的木制面具。


Would you like to see the Dance of the Killer Whales?

Then come see the Cape Fox Dancers perform at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, Washington.

The Cape Fox Dancers are members of the Tlingit Indian tribes. Sixty members strong, they drum, chant and dance. Traditional performances include the Dance of the Killer Whale and the Welcoming of the Chiefs. The Cape Fox Dancers wear colorful fringed blankets, white fur caps with ermine (a small weasel) tails, and wooden masks of ravens, eagles, bears, and wolves.

Held during Memorial Day weekend, the Northwest Folklife Festival is one of the largest events in the country focusing on folk, ethnic, and traditional art. This annual celebration promotes the culture and traditions of the region's Jewish, Native American, African American, Polynesian, Filipino American, Chicano and Mexican communities.

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