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Photo of a clown in the Milk Carton Derby

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假如您出席西雅图的年度海洋节,您可能就有机会看见参加牛奶纸盒船竞赛的这位小丑。海洋节是一个为期10天的庆祝活动,于华盛顿州的普吉湾举办,一个位于太平洋上,长约100哩的海湾。自1950年以来,海洋节即赞助举行了为数不少的各式活动,包括游行、高空跳水、短篇喜剧及牛奶纸盒船竞赛(Milk Carton Derby)



There are lots of things you can make with empty milk cartons, but would you ever think to make them into a boat? That's exactly what the clown in the photo is riding on!

If you come to Seattle's annual Seafair, you will probably see this clown in the Milk Carton Derby. Seafair is a 10-day celebration of Washington state's Puget Sound, a 100-mile-long inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Since 1950, Seafair has sponsored a number of different activities, including parades, high-dive acts, comedy skits, and the Milk Carton Derby.

The Milk Carton Derby is a lot of fun! Both kids and adults put their imaginations to work and build milk carton boats to compete in five race categories. Almost any design is acceptable, so long as milk cartons are the primary means of flotation. A half-gallon carton will float about four pounds of weight, so for every 100 pounds of weight on your vessel, you will need 25 half-gallon milk cartons. A minimum of 50 milk cartons is required for each boat and motors are not allowed.

So whoever wants to enter the race will have to drink lots of milk!

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