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'Mount Rainier'

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华盛顿州的来尼尔山(Mount Rainier)

这座山是喀斯开山脉的一部分,它是一座已经2,000年未喷发了的火山,也是华盛顿州内最高的山。英国探险家乔治温哥华(George Vancouver)为纪念另一位航海员:彼得来尼尔(Peter Rainier),遂将这座山命名为来尼尔山。然而,有些人喜欢直呼它的印地安名字:他柯马山(Mount Tacoma)。这座公园已经创立100余年,超过9000万名游客前来参观园内的野生动物、瀑布及湖泊,尤其是园内的许多冰川。每年,来尼尔山国家公园都会涌入200多万名游客,许多人都是为了一睹来尼尔山的多变面貌。

Do you know who Mount Rainier is named after? Or, do you know its Indian name?

The mountain, a part of the Cascade Range, is a volcano that has not erupted for 2,000 years. It is also the highest mountain in the state of Washington. English explorer George Vancouver named Mount Rainier in honor of another navigator, Peter Rainier. Some people, however, prefer to call the mountain by its Indian name, Mount Tacoma. The park's wildlife, waterfalls, lakes, and especially its many glaciers have drawn more than 90 million visitors in the more than 100 years since the park was created. Each year more than two million people visit Mount Rainier National Park, many to see the dramatic views of Mount Rainier.

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