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1999年的春季,华盛顿的枫树瀑布小学(Maple Falls Grade School)就关闭了。雅各比(Nicholas Jacoby)及该区内的其他小孩,将在新建的坎德尔小学(Kendall Elementary School)内就读。但雅各比的妈妈不希望他忘记旧的枫树瀑布小学,所以她要他完成一本「回忆册」。结果,这演变成全社区的回忆册。藉由她朋友的帮忙,雅各比太太出版了「小镇居民的心中回响:贝克山的山麓丘陵及枫树瀑布小学,1889-1999一书,这本书的内容包含了照片、故事及社区居民的回忆。

雅各比的曾祖父毕尔瑞(Galen Biery)也帮忙编写这本回忆册。虽然他死后,这本书才完成,但毕尔瑞所收集的照片却是这本书的灵感来源。他开始收集该区1940年代的照片,并访问镇上人们,询问他们的生活情形。1994年,毕尔瑞死后,他的家人把他收藏的35,000多张图像捐赠给霍特科姆历史及艺术博物馆(Whatcom Museum of History and Art)


What will you remember about your school once you have left it?

In the spring of 1999, Maple Falls Grade School in Washington closed. Nicholas Jacoby and other children in the area would attend the newly constructed Kendall Elementary School. But Nicholas's mom didn't want him to forget about the old Maple Falls Grade School, so she made him a "memory book." As it turned out, it became a memory book for the whole community. With the help of her friends, Mrs. Jacoby published Reflections from the Heart of a Small Community: Mount Baker Foothills and Maple Falls Schools 1889-1999. The book included photos, stories, and memories of community members.

Nicholas's great-grandfather, Galen Biery, also helped create the memory book. Even though he died before the book was produced, the photographs that Biery collected were the inspiration for the book. He began collecting old photographs of the area in the 1940s and he interviewed people about life in the town. When he died in 1994, his family donated his collection of more than 35,000 images to the Whatcom Museum of History and Art.

Why not make a "memory book" of your school? Ask your teacher for help.  

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