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Photo of a beach with lots of kites
(Long Beach)19988

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每年八月,华盛顿州的国际风筝节会在长滩半岛(Long Beach Peninsula)上,华盛顿的西南角落举办。节庆中有许多教人如何制作、装饰及放风筝的工作坊,另外,也有为小孩、成人及老人举办的竞赛。在节庆的最后一天,大家都受邀在同一时间放风筝,藉以营造一个鲜艳、美丽的景观!


Not only is a kite fun to fly, but it is also beautiful to watch.

There are many different kinds of kites -- some much more complex than others. One of the simplest kinds is the diamond kite. It has a flat surface formed by two sticks tied into a cross and a tail that helps keep it stable. It flies nicely in light to medium winds.

Throughout history kites have been used for many different purposes, including to deliver messages, catch fish, spy on enemies, measure the weather and send radio signals. Today, kites are mostly flown for pleasure.

Every August, the Washington State International Kite Festival takes place in the southwest corner of Washington on the Long Beach Peninsula. There are workshops that teach people how to build, decorate and fly kites. There are also competitions for kids, adults and seniors. On the last day of the festival, everyone is welcome to fly a kite at the same time, creating a colorful, beautiful sight!

If you fly a kite, make sure you have clear, wide open spaces away from roads, trees, power lines and airports. And never fly in rain or storms. So go out and fly a kite!

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