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'Henry Reed playing the fiddle in his living room'


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请听亨利瑞德演奏 "稻草里的火鸡(Turkey in the Straw)."

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弗吉尼亚的小提琴手亨利瑞德 (Henry Reed)

你曾经听过常规的小提琴音乐吗?着名的小提琴手亨利瑞德成长于弗吉尼亚州的葛伦林 (Glen Lyn) ,他于1884年出生在一个音乐家庭;他大部分的时间都在演奏会令人想起阿帕拉契山区 (Appalachian) 边境历史的小提琴乐曲。瑞德知道的乐曲数量惊人,而大部分的乐曲都是通过耳朵学来的。他知道种类繁多的旋律,如:来自早期美国边境的曲调、华尔兹、二十世纪的流行乐曲以及19世纪的进行曲。


1960年代中期时,民俗学研究者贾布尔 (Alan Jabbour) 录制瑞德所演奏的小提琴曲子。在20世纪晚期的小提琴复兴运动中,瑞德所演奏的许多常规曲调再次受到欢迎。

Have you ever heard traditional fiddle music? One well-known fiddler, Henry Reed, grew up in Glen Lyn, Virginia. Reed was born in 1884 and grew up in a musical family. He spent most of his life performing fiddle tunes that bring to mind the history of the state's Appalachian frontier. Reed learned an amazing number of tunes, most of them by ear. He knew a wide variety of melodies, such as those from the early American frontier, waltzes, popular tunes from the turn of the 20th century, and 19th century marches.

The style of Henry Reed's fiddle playing, like the style of other older fiddlers in the South, is a combination of different influences. For instance, the rhythms he used came from both European and African American influences. American Indian music may also have made an impact on the method of playing that Reed learned so many years ago.

During the mid-1960s, folklorist Alan Jabbour recorded Henry Reed performing fiddle tunes. Many of the traditional tunes Reed played became popular again during the fiddling revival of the later 20th century.

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CREDIT: Jabbour, Karen Singer, photographer, "Henry Reed playing the fiddle in his living room." circa 1967. Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier: The Henry Reed Collection, Library of Congress.
AUDIO CREDIT: Reed, Henry; fiddle, "Turkey in the Straw." Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier: The Henry Reed Collection