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Photo of four men in cowboy hats cooking outside
1952 年首次草马车队旅,正在烹煮食物的人为(由左至右):瓦纳许(John Warnasch)、马克斯(E. H. Marks)、佛莱贺提(Pat Flaherty)、洛基特(Reese Lockett) 

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盐草马车队旅(Salt Grass Trail Ride)的历史

您也许不认为高龄88岁的老妇人可以应付70英里的马车队旅程,但那正是艾莎迪门 (Atha Marks Dimon)1999年的盐草马车队旅中所做的事。

藉着这趟马车队旅之行,艾莎跟随着她父亲多年前走过的足迹前行。19世纪时的先锋牧畜者,会将他们的牲口自德州墨西哥湾海岸(Gulf Coast)的塩草牧草地,赶至休斯顿并在该处放牧他们的牲口,将牠们养肥;时光飞逝,自1900年后,牧畜者改用火车代步,他们不再需要带领牲口穿越广大的土地。

1952年,四个前牛仔决定要重现过去的放牧生活,一群人参与了首次的塩草马车队旅,其中一位前牛仔就是马克斯(E.H. Marks)。为纪念最初的牧畜者,1999年时,马克斯的女儿:艾莎(时年88)、艾莎的女儿雅典娜(Athene)、艾莎的孙子佛以德范汉(Boyd Vaughan)及曾孙里根范汉(Reagan Vaughan)沿着盐草路径(Salt Grass Trail)前进 - 这条长70哩的路起自布拉汉(Brenham),终于休斯顿。


You might not think that an 88-year-old woman could handle a 70-mile trail ride, but that's exactly what Atha Marks Dimon did in 1999 during the Salt Grass Trail Ride in Texas.

By going on the ride Atha was following in her father's footsteps many years earlier. In the 19th century, pioneer cattlemen herded their cattle to Houston up from the salt grass pastures on the Gulf Coast of Texas, where their cattle had been grazing and fattening up. Times change, and since 1900, cattlemen have not needed to herd their cattle across the open land; instead they use trains.

In 1952, four old-time cowmen decided to stage a re-enactment and joined a group of people on the first Salt Grass Trail Ride. One of those four cowmen was E.H. Marks. In 1999, Marks's daughter, Atha Marks Dimon (at the age of 88), her daughter Athene, her grandson Boyd Vaughan, and great-grandson Reagan Vaughan, rode the Salt Grass Trail -- 70 miles from Brenham to Houston -- in memory of the original cattlemen.

The people that have gone on the trail ride include bankers, fire fighters, even middle school students. The trail ride has caught on, and now more than 6,000 riders participate.

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