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您曾听过以下两句措辞吗?「闻起来像朵玫瑰」(Smelling like a rose)及「每件事看起来都带有玫瑰色彩」(Everything's coming up roses),它们意指有好事发生,因为玫瑰是那么的美丽,而它的气味是那么的芳香。您闻过玫瑰吗?它们是花香浓郁、花色鲜艳、花茎带刺且种类繁多的花朵。

德州以其玫瑰闻名。自1933年起,德州泰勒镇(Tyler)的玫瑰节就是为了庆祝玫瑰的美丽与香味而举行的。受到新兴农用工业的影响,热心公益的领袖及泰勒园艺俱乐部(Tyler Garden Club)的女士们创办了德州的玫瑰节,旨在推广玫瑰工业、振兴观光业、赞美义工服务及逐渐灌输社区骄傲。这个一连四天的节庆还包含了女王的加冕典礼、玫瑰秀、女王茶会及玫瑰游行。


泰勒镇的玫瑰极为有名1968年时,泰勒镇将名叫「阿帕契美女」(Apache Belle)的玫瑰送给詹森总统的妻子:詹森夫人(Lady Bird Johnson),而现在您也可以在白宫的玫瑰园园里看到它们的踪迹。

Have you ever heard the expressions "Smelling like a rose" and "Everything's coming up roses?" They mean that something good has happened, because roses are so beautiful and smell so good. Have you ever smelled a rose? They are fragrant, colorful flowers with thorny stems and exist in many varieties.

Texas is known for its roses. Since 1933, the Texas Rose Festival in Tyler has celebrated the beauty and scent of roses. Inspired by a new agricultural industry, civic-minded leaders and the women of the Tyler Garden Club created the Texas Rose Festival to promote the rose industry, build tourism, celebrate volunteerism, and instill community pride. The four-day festival offers a Queen's Coronation, a Rose Show, a Queen's Tea, and a Rose Parade.

After a plague wiped out the area's peach crops, rose growing in Tyler began on a small scale in the early 1900s. Rose plantings increased each year, and business boomed.

Tyler roses are famous. In 1968, Tyler "Apache Belle" roses were given to Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson, and they now grow in the White House Rose Garden.

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