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Photo of a young girl playing the fiddle with a two guitarists and a stand-up bass
八岁大的小提琴手:魁比(Hilda Quebe)1999

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东部的德州居民喜爱愉快的小提琴旋律这也是为什么他们每年都会前来参加此一盛事的原因重聚联欢会是小提琴手互相聚首的机会,而竞赛则是小提琴手展示本身技艺的场合参赛者的年龄小至8岁,大至80裁判的评审则是以小提琴手的风格、技巧和最重要的一项:如何严密地重现怀旧提琴音乐美国革命时,这个音乐曾鼓舞了福吉谷一役(Valley Forge)的饥饿士兵,并深得本杰明富兰克林及托马斯杰弗逊的喜爱,一直到了现在,它仍能为数百万人带来欢愉。

Have you ever seen a fiddle? A fiddle is an early version of the violin -- it is a medieval European instrument with a neck, a rounded shape and three to five strings with tuning pegs on the front or back to tighten or loosen the strings. The girl in the photo is only 8 years old, but she plays the fiddle well enough to be in the Athens, Texas, Fiddlers Contest and Reunion.

The people of east Texas love a good fiddle tune. That's why so many of them gather every year for this event. The reunion is a chance for fiddling friends to catch up with each other, and the contest is a chance for fiddlers to show their stuff. Contestants range in age from 8 to 80. They are judged on their style and skill, and, most important, on how closely they re-create old-time fiddle music -- the music that gave courage to starving troops of soldiers at Valley Forge during the American Revolution, earned devoted admirers like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, and today continues to delight millions.

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