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Photo of Los Matachines dancing in front of a cross
在拉里多(Laredo)安娜街十字架前的Los Matachines舞蹈表演 

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圣克鲁兹马塔奇舞团(Los Matachines de la Santa Cruz)

照片中身穿漂亮服饰、正在跳舞的人,他们所跳的舞可回溯至一世纪前。这些舞者是圣克鲁兹马塔奇舞团(Los Matachines de la Santa Cruz)的成员之一,这个常规的墨西哥舞团活跃于德州拉里多(Laredo)实际上,舞团内的许多舞者都是同一家庭的人,他们代代传承,希望延续此一存在世上已有100多年的旧有常规。


这个舞团擅长跳一种名为马塔奇(matachine)的宗教舞 剧,它是用来表彰天主教及其他信仰中十分重要的象征:圣十字(Holy Cross)及圣母玛丽(Virgin Mary)舞蹈 从将十字架自教堂上取下并放置在有轮子的户外台座上开始,然后开始演奏鼓及手风琴,而穿着装饰着明亮色彩丝绒裙的舞者则在十字架前表演。当他们跳舞时,他们会随身携带六吋竹(carrizos,长六英吋的竹子,会在舞者跳舞时发出独特的乐音)这个舞蹈是常规宗教节日的一部分,另外还包括了筵席、祈祷及展有纺织品及民俗文学艺术的展览会。

The people wearing those beautiful costumes in the photo are doing a type of dance that has been done for more than a century. The dancers are part of "Los Matachines de la Santa Cruz," a traditional Mexican dance group that is active in Laredo, Texas. Many of the dancers are actually descendants of former dancers who are continuing this old tradition, which has existed for more than 100 years.

The group specializes in a type of religious dance-drama called matachine that honors the Holy Cross and the Virgin Mary -- important symbols for Catholics and other faiths. The dance begins by removing the cross from its normal resting spot in a chapel and placing it on a wheeled pedestal outdoors. A drum and an accordion start to play. Dancers wearing brightly decorated velvet skirts perform in front of the cross. They carry carrizos, six-inch sections of bamboo that make a unique musical sound as they dance. The dance is part of a traditional fiesta that includes feasting, prayer and displays of textiles and folk literary arts.

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