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1979年以来,该镇就会举办一个,充满着游行、竞赛及食物的「超级周末」。原本,这个活动只为期一天,而且叫做同乐会,但自1986年,却扩大成一个周末的庆祝活动。庆祝活动中的其中一个项目就是吃比萨比赛,参赛者必须用冷比萨(当地特产)塞满他们的肚子!至于那些不想吃比萨的人,则可以参加其他竞赛,如:同乐会铺床大会(Funfest Bed Rally)及基本的消防员竞赛。个人也可为他的烤鸡翅,报名「翅膀烹饪大赛」。或许,有些年青人拥有足够的勇气,参加黑兹尔顿镇的帅哥竞赛,优胜者会被宣称为黑兹尔顿镇内最可爱的男人!

Does your town have an annual festival, just for fun? Hazleton, Pennsylvania, does.

Every year since 1979 the town has had a "Super Weekend" filled with parades, contests and food. Originally held only for one day and called "Funfest," the event was expanded into a weekend celebration in 1986. One of the festival's activities is a pizza-eating contest; contestants have to stuff themselves with cold pizza (a local specialty)! For people who don't want to eat pizza, there are other contests, like the Funfest Bed Rally and the first Fireman's Competition. Individuals may also enter their barbecued chicken wings in the "Wings Cook-Off." Or perhaps some young man is brave enough to enter Hazleton's Hunk Contest: the winner is declared the cutest guy in Hazleton!

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