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返校节就是学校的校友(已经毕业的学生)回校庆祝的节日。每一年,所有曾就读于斯蒂尔沃特(Stillwater)的奥克拉荷马州立大学(Oklahoma State University)的人,都被受邀出席一场名为返校节的特别周末盛会。其中一项人们引颈盼望的大事就是返校节游行,因为游行中有许多有趣且独特的花车。



What is a homecoming? If you think it refers to returning home, in a way, you would be right.

A homecoming is when a school's alumni (students who have graduated) return for a celebration. Every year, people who attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, are invited to a special event-filled weekend called homecoming. One of the big events that people look forward to is the homecoming parade, because it has many colorful and unusual floats.

Usually a float is built on top of a flatbed trailer used for transporting materials. The trailer is covered with colorful material and fringe so its wheels are hidden and the trailer appears to "float." Then the float can be decorated with just about anything.

Many floats are in the form of animals. Floats are made by bending chicken wire into a shape, perhaps an animal, and then attaching colored paper "flowers" to the wire. Part of the process of building a float involves "pomping" -- the stuffing of crepe paper or other decorations into the wire frame of the float to make it look like whatever it was designed to be.

Can you think of a cool float design?

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