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Photo of two Shawnee warriors riding horseback

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Xenia),您可能看过一出室外的戏剧表演,它展示了1700年代晚期,俄亥俄河谷区域的生活型态,当时不停将边界向前推进的拓荒者正与萧尼族印地安人(Shawnee Indian)交战中,因为这些印地安人希望这片土地能停留在无所有权状态。萧尼族人深信土地是神圣的,他们不拥有土地,只愿善用土地。他们也深信,当他们死后,会成为土地的一部分。这个信仰最终导致他们与白人之间的冲突。

这出戏的内容是关于萧尼族酋长蓝夹克的生平,主要是在描述一位由萧尼人收养、名叫史瓦金(Marmaduke Van Swearingen)的白人。因为他身穿蓝色的狩猎夹克,所以它被萧尼人称为:Wey-yah-pih-ehr-sehn-weh,即蓝夹克之意。在这出戏中,印地安人的生活方式对蓝夹克深具吸引力,所以他依照萧尼人的方式过活,与其他的萧尼人同住,而且与白人交战。最后,蓝夹克被取名为萧尼国的战争酋长(War Chief of the Shawnee Nation)



If you were to visit Xenia, Ohio, you could see an outdoor drama production that shows the Ohio Valley area as it was in the late 1700s, when advancing frontiersmen fought the Shawnee Indians who wanted the land to remain free of ownership. The Shawnee strongly believed that the earth was sacred, that they did not own the land, but simply took care of it. When they died, they believed that they became a part of it. This belief eventually led to conflict with the white man.

The drama is about the life of Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket, portrayed as a white man named Marmaduke Van Swearingen, who was adopted by the Shawnee Indians. Because of the blue hunting jacket he wore, he was given the Shawnee name Wey-yah-pih-ehr-sehn-weh, or Blue Jacket. In the drama, Blue Jacket is attracted to the Indian way of life, lives his life as a Shawnee, and, together with the other Shawnee Indians, fought the white man over land. Ultimately, Blue Jacket was named War Chief of the Shawnee Nation.

Some people doubt the accuracy of the Blue Jacket story, including family members of Chief Blue Jacket, who say he was a Shawnee Indian, not a white man.

Can you think of other history stories that people disagree about?

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