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Photo of the first Dayton Christmas trolley, 1967

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这部电车是于1880年代早期,由德国发明的,它被称做「无轨电车」(trackless trolley)、「电车公车」(trolley coach)、「电车巴士」(trolley bus),最后以「电车」(electric trolley bus)定名。有轨电车靠电力马达推进,而它的电力来源则取自于上头的电线网络。它们与公车一样大,以四个橡胶轮子着地,驾驶方式与公车无异,行进时几乎没有任何声响,而且不会制造任何烟雾或空气污染。

1888年时,白线电路铁道(White Line Electric Railway)开始在德通市的市中心设站行驶,到了1910年时,已经有五家公司在该市铺设其他的路线,直到1930年代早期,电车仍是市内主要的运输工具。1932年的一场大火过后,德通市街道铁轨公司(Dayton Street Rail Road Company)以新的电车(ETBs)替换了所有的受损电车,而这些ETBs1933423日起开始运行,延续德通市的电车常规。

Why are there reindeer on top of that trolley car?

That's the Christmas Trolley in Dayton, Ohio, one of only a few cities in the United States that still operates an electric trolley bus system for its mass transportation.

The trolley, invented in Germany in the early 1880s, was called the "trackless trolley," "trolley coach," "trolley bus" and eventually the "electric trolley bus." Trolley buses are propelled (moved forward) by electric motors and receive power from an overhead wire system. They are full-size buses that run on rubber tires and are steered just like other buses. They operate almost silently and produce no smoke or pollution.

In 1888, the White Line Electric Railway began running a route in downtown Dayton and, by 1910, five separate companies had built other lines. The trolley remained the primary mode of city transportation until the early 1930s. After a fire in 1932, the Dayton Street Rail Road Company replaced its destroyed trolley cars with electronic trolley buses (ETBs). These ETBs, which began running on April 23, 1933, continued the trolley legacy in Dayton.

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