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Photo of kids in costume on dance floor
克里夫兰的Inis Acla舞蹈学校

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Feis即爱尔兰舞蹈比赛爱尔兰舞蹈分为好几种不同的类型,除了踏步舞之外,还有ceili舞 - 这两种舞蹈都属单人表演的舞蹈,舞者的脚步动作快速、踢腿角度高,而上身都必须维持直立,不可晃动踏步舞强调紧闭的形状及姿势,舞者双腿紧密贴合,没有高角度的踢腿,很少或根本没有任何的转身或移位动作,而Ceili舞则着重足部表演、腿部及足部的伸展动作,再加上踏步舞中可见的长型队伍及快速动作。

Have you ever heard of Irish step-dancing? If you have, it's probably thanks to the high-spirited Irish dance show "Riverdance." This form of Irish dance was relatively unknown outside of Ireland until the 1990s, when this show made it popular around the world.

Each summer, the traditions of Ireland are celebrated in Cleveland at the annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival. This celebration of the region's Irish heritage features the best in Irish entertainment from Ireland, Canada, and the United States on nine stages. The girls in this photo are doing a traditional Irish folk dance in authentic costume. Other highlights include Irish plays, pipe bands, and an Irish feis.

A feis is an Irish dance competition. There are different types of Irish dance. In addition to step dancing, there is ceili dancing - both kinds are solo dances with fast footwork and high kicks, all done while the upper body is kept rigidly straight. Step dancing emphasizes a close form and posture with legs kept together, no high kicks, little or no turning and no traveling. Ceili dancing emphasizes dancing on the toes, extension of leg and foot, long reach and the quick movements seen in the step dances.

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