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Photo of a harness racer

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小布朗朱格(Little Brown Jug)轻驾车赛马



假如您想要参观溜蹄马竞赛,那么您一定要前往俄亥俄州的德拉威(Delaware),一暏当地的小布朗朱格(Little Brown Jug)轻驾车赛马,它于每年劳工节过后的第三个星期四举办小布朗朱格是一个专为三岁溜蹄马所举办的竞赛项目,1946年首次举办。当时的快步马较受大众欢迎,但两个住在市内的男士则较为喜欢溜蹄马,所以他们就成立了小布朗朱格协会,然后开始策划此一竞赛。

Have you ever seen a horse race? How about a harness race? A harness race is one in which a horse pulls a light, two-wheeled vehicle called a sulky. Harness racing developed from the old days when horses and buggies raced each other on country roads or city streets.

Basically, there are two major types of horse racing -- riding a horse with a saddle and harness racing. There are two types of horses that compete in harness racing: one is the pacing horse, which moves both legs on one side of its body at the same time, and the other is the trotting horse, whose left front and right rear leg move forward at the same time, then right front and left rear leg move together. Because there are two types of horses, there are two kinds of harness racing: trotting or pacing.

If you want to see a horse pacing race go to Delaware, Ohio, for the Little Brown Jug Harness Race, which takes place every year on the third Thursday after Labor Day. The Little Brown Jug is a race for three-year-old pacing horses. The first race was held in 1946. Back then, trotting horses were more popular, but two men in the city liked pacing horses, so they formed the Little Brown Jug Society and organized the race.

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