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Photo of two women wearing dresses in front of lilacs

1930年的紫丁香皇后布雷克威尔(Christina Blackwell)及另一位不知名女士,高地公园(Highland Park)1930

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世上有500多种紫丁香,而高地公园(Highland Park)则拥有1200多株的紫丁香灌木丛。1888年时,世上第一大苗圃Ellwanger & Barry (拥有者是George EllwangerPatrick Barry)将高地公园赠与罗契斯特市的居民。它的景色美丽,园内有翠绿的树木及茂盛的灌木丛,而且是美国境内的首座市立植物园。植物园是专门用来培植树木、灌木及植物的地方。1892年时,园内的紫丁香种类只有20种。自1898年起,罗契斯特每年五月都会举办紫丁香节。第一次举办时,共吸引3,000名旅客前来参加,而现在的紫丁香节则吸引了500,000多名旅客前来观看紫丁香花及其他的开花树木及灌木。

紫丁香为灌木及矮树植物,开花季节为春季及初夏;它的椭圆形大型花簇是由许多小花组成,叶子是深绿色,花朵的香味浓郁而颜色则有淡紫色、深紫色、白色或粉红色;紫丁香源自东欧及亚洲,随早期的欧洲殖民移至北美。高地公园内,一些最早期的紫丁香是东欧巴尔干山脉(Balkan Mountains)的花朵后代。

The Netherlands is known for its tulips. Rochester, New York, is known for another type of flower - the lilac.

There are more than 500 varieties of lilacs and more than 1,200 lilac bushes at Highland Park. In 1888, the world's largest nursery, Ellwanger & Barry, owned by George Ellwanger and Patrick Barry, gave Highland Park to the people of Rochester. It was beautifully landscaped with trees and shrubs and was the first municipal arboretum in the United States. An arboretum is a place where trees, shrubs, and plants are specially grown and cultivated. The park's collection of lilacs originally started with 20 varieties in 1892. Since 1898, Rochester has held a Lilac Festival every May. The first event attracted 3,000 visitors; now more than 500,000 people come to see the lilacs and other flowering trees and shrubs.

Lilacs are shrubs and small trees that flower in the spring and early summer. They have large oval clusters of small blossoms and deep green leaves. The blossoms are fragrant and can be lavender, deep purple, white, or pink. Lilacs are originally from Eastern Europe and Asia and were brought to North America by early European settlers. Some of the first lilacs planted at Highland Park are descendants of the flowers from the Balkan Mountains in Eastern Europe.

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