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Photo of kids and families fishing


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小瀑布的运河庆典(Little Falls Canal Celebration)

照片中,参加镇上举办的青少年钓鱼竞赛(Youth Fishing Derby)的孩子们正在比赛谁能钓到最多鱼。这是纽约小瀑布的运河庆典项目之一,这个一年一度的庆典是为了表彰伊利运河(Erie Canal)对该市的重要贡献。

1800年代早期时,只有少数几条道路,所以陆运费用极高。而1820年代建造的伊利运河有助于解决纽约州内的交通问题。运河是河道宽广的人造水道,船只可经由运河航行。伊利运河连接了伊利湖东岸的水牛城(Buffalo)及位于哈德逊河(Hudson River)上游的奥尔班尼,向南则奔流至纽约市。运河让人及货物来回运输于纽约市及水牛城之间,而且向上可达美国中西部地区。以前一趟索价100美金的陆运费用,现在通过运河运送只需花费10元美金而以前需耗时几星期才到的了的地方,现在不到七天即可到达。伊利运河对此地区的经济贡献良多。

The kids in the photo are competing in their town's Youth Fishing Derby to see who can catch the most fish. The event is part of the Little Falls, New York, Canal Celebration -- an annual festival that celebrates the importance of the Erie Canal to the city.

In the early 1800s, there were few roads, so the shipping of goods over land was expensive. The construction of the Erie Canal in the 1820s helped solve this problem for travel through New York state. A canal is a man-made waterway through which boats can navigate. The Erie Canal connected Buffalo on the eastern shore of Lake Erie to Albany on the upper Hudson River, which ran south to New York City. The canal allowed people and supplies to move between New York City and Buffalo and on to the upper Midwest territories. What used to cost $100 to ship by land now cost only $10 by canal. A journey that used to take a few weeks could now be made in less than seven days. The Erie Canal was an important force in the economic development of the area.

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