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斯蒂尔家族的家长:克拉伦斯斯蒂尔(Clarence Still),身旁的人为维琳斯蒂尔(Verline Still)1998年的斯蒂尔家族聚会

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内战前,斯蒂尔家族即积极参与反奴隶运动;当时有许多来自南部各州的奴隶会沿着地下铁道(Underground Railroad)脱逃,而地下铁道则是由位于各处的人所组成的网状系统,这些人会秘密的帮助这些逃亡奴隶逃至北部各州或加拿大;当时的地下铁道是由许多白人组成,而自由的黑人则会尽力协助这些脱逃的奴隶;斯蒂尔家族位于新泽西州罗塞德(Lawnside)的家乡是地下铁道其中一站,而斯蒂尔家族中的威廉(William)及詹姆斯(James)二人则是随车服务员,即沿途帮助奴隶的人。

1872年,威廉斯蒂尔所写的经典名着「地下铁道」(The Underground Railroad)则详述了脱逃奴隶及帮助奴隶逃亡者的英勇气概,书中表示许多奔向自由的脱逃奴隶曾暂住他家;假如您想知道更多与地下铁道有关的人,这是一本值得阅读的好书。

You may not know it, but there is royalty in America. Although we don't honor royalty as people in other countries do, the Still family, which has been in New Jersey since the early 1600s, is descended from a Guinean prince from Africa. The prince and his people intermarried with the Lenape Indians, who lived in the area.

Before the Civil War, the Still family was active in the anti-slavery movement. At the time, many slaves in the South escaped through the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was made up of a network of people who secretly helped slaves escape to the Northern states or Canada. While many white Americans were a part of the Underground Railroad, free blacks gave the most assistance to runaway slaves. The Still family hometown, Lawnside, New Jersey, was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Two members of the Still family, William and James Still, were conductors -- people who helped out along the way.

In 1872 William Still wrote the classic book The Underground Railroad about the heroism of the runaway slaves, many of who stopped at his house on their way to freedom, and the people who helped them escape. If you want to learn more about the people on the Underground Railroad, this would be a good book to read.

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