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重现蒙茅斯郡战役(Battle of Monmouth)一剧中的英国军队 1978

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(Mary Hays McCauly),但人们称呼她为莫利水壶(Molly Pitcher),您知道她是谁?或者您知道莫利水壶的由来吗?

玛丽海斯(Mary Hays)是威廉海斯(William Hays)的妻子,他是独立战争时,曾参与蒙茅斯郡一役的炮兵。

战争源于来自费城的柯林顿将军(General Henry Clinton)想要带领英军行军穿越新泽西;在气候灼热的1778628日清晨,华盛顿将军命令李将军(General Charles Lee)攻击蒙茅斯郡附近的英军,而英军及美军则在炙热的气温下打了一整天的仗。

玛丽海斯在枪林弹雨中,背负着一只水壶为精疲力竭和受伤的美国士兵供应饮水,而当她的丈夫海斯因不堪灼热而不支倒地时,莫利立即接替丈夫的炮手位置;这是美国历史上,第二度有女性参战的战役(第一次为1776年时,参与福特华盛顿(Fort Washington)防御战的科尔宾(Margaret Corbin))

为表彰她的英勇贡献,华盛顿将军任命她为未受军官衔的军官,从此以为,她就被称做中士莫利(Sergeant Molly);位于战争遗址上的纪念碑则提用来纪念她的英勇贡献。

Her name was Mary Hays McCauly, but she was better known as Molly Pitcher. Do you know who she was? Or how she got her name?

Mary Hays was the wife of William Hays, an artilleryman who fought in the Battle of Monmouth during the Revolutionary War.

The battle began as General Henry Clinton led his British forces from Philadelphia and started marching through New Jersey. On the morning of June 28, 1778, a scorching hot day, General George Washington ordered General Charles Lee to attack the British near Monmouth, New Jersey. The British and American armies fought all day in the intense heat.

Dodging the bullets was Mary Hays, who brought pitcher after pitcher of water to the thirsty troops. She also assisted the injured troops. When her husband fell in battle, she took his place at the cannon. This was the second time on an American battlefield that a woman had worked a cannon. (The first was Margaret Corbin during the defense of Fort Washington in 1776.)

For her heroic role, General Washington made her a noncommissioned officer. After that she was widely known as "Sergeant Molly." A sculpture on the battle monument commemorates her courageous efforts.

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