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Indian treaty signed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1713

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1702年至1713年的安妮皇后一役(Queen Anne's War)中,大不列颠及法国曾在西印度群岛(West Indies)及卡罗莱纳及新英格兰的边界上交战。战争退出时,支持法国的美国原住民向英国投降。而1713713日时,印地安部落的代表、麻州海湾(Massachusetts Bay)的代表及新罕布夏州的代表于朴次茅斯市聚首并签订条约,条约内容为印地安人同意不再与英军作战。这个条约即为有趣,因为印地安部落的代表以三种语言署名:法文、英文及他们本身的语言,即象形文字或称图画标志。

几乎200年后的1905年,罗斯福总统(President Theodore Roosevelt)在朴次茅斯市举行了一场和平会谈,旨在终结日俄战争。结果,日本及苏俄都签下了朴次茅斯和约(Treaty of Portsmouth),而罗斯福总统也因其努力而获颁诺贝尔和平奖。

Two peace treaties have been signed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. One was signed before America gained its independence from the British and the other was signed almost 200 years later. Do you know the treaties?

From 1702 to 1713, Great Britain and France fought in the West Indies and in the Carolina and New England frontiers in Queen Anne's War. At the end of the war, the American Indians who had sided with the French surrendered to the British. On July 13, 1713, representatives from the Indian tribes, Massachusetts Bay, and New Hampshire met in Portsmouth to sign a treaty. The Indians agreed not to fight the British anymore. This treaty is interesting in part because the Indian representatives signed their names in three languages: French, English, and their own, which is in pictograph, or drawn symbols.

Almost 200 years later, in 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt held a peace conference in Portsmouth to help end the Russo-Japanese War. As a result, Japan and Russia signed the Treaty of Portsmouth. President Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

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