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Photo of kids eating pie in a pie-eating contest
詹米(Jamie)及吉立(Jessica Gealy)努力为他们的队伍争取吃派比赛的胜利,1999911

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您在一餐饭的时间内可以吃下多少份派?于丹伯里市的炽星农场71(The Blazing Star Grange Number 71)所举办的吃派比赛是社区博览会的一部分,这个博览会自1914年起每年举办一次。



How much pie can you eat in a single sitting? The Blazing Star Grange Number 71 in Danbury, New Hampshire, has a pie-eating contest as part of its community fair, which has been held annually since 1914.

Do you know what a Grange is? It is a family-oriented, social organization that focuses on agriculture and rural life and was founded by farmers in the 19th century. The word comes from "grain." There are local granges all over the country. Today, granges are involved in community service projects such as raising money for charities and increasing public awareness of local issues. The Blazing Star Grange community fair also includes live music, auctions, a parade -- and a lot of pies.

Not everyone in Danbury gets excited about the community fair parade. One year, two huge oxen, Ike and Mike, were a part of the parade. After a while, they decided they had had enough, so they simply turned off the street and went straight home. Ike and Mike didn't want any part of the parade -- they just wanted their barn and their hay!

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