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北方森林历史公园(Northern Forest Heritage Park)

在白山国家森林(White Mountain National Forest)除了露营外,仍有许多事可以做,如:钓鱼、健行、寻找麋鹿及滑雪,但它也是一个学习当地历史的好地方。北方森林历史公园就位在新罕布夏国家森林(New Hampshire National Forest)内。这个公园内有一座博物馆及其他的建筑物,游客可在此得知当地伐木工业的相关资料。事实上,北方森林历史公园是美国境内历史最悠久的伐木业者,现在仍在营业中。

被视为「活动森林」(working forest)的北方森林历史公园座落于安德罗斯科金河(Androscoggin River)河畔。这儿是19世纪中期及20世纪初期的主要的伐木及纸浆工业区。北方森林能供应大量的树木,而安德罗斯科金河则为锯木厂提供水力。工厂内的工人则是来自于挪威、苏俄、爱尔兰及义大利的移民。结果,这个地区开始发达起来,好几家公司前来此处设厂,希望能自木头及纸浆业获利。在此同时,人们也开始实施维护树木生长的措施,如:创建国内第一个工业用林业管理计划。


There's plenty to do besides camping in White Mountain National Forest, such as fishing, hiking, spying on moose, and skiing. But it's also a good place to learn about local history. Within this New Hampshire National Forest is the Northern Forest Heritage Park. The park has a museum and other buildings that tell visitors about the local logging industry. In fact, Northern Forest Heritage Park runs the oldest continuous logging operation in the United States.

Considered a "working forest," the Northern Forest Heritage Park is located along the Androscoggin River. This was a major area in the logging and paper industry in the mid-19th and early-20th centuries. The Northern Forest offered a large supply of trees, and the Androscoggin River provided water power for the sawmills. Immigrants from many countries including Norway, Russia, Ireland, and Italy worked in the mills. As a result, the area boomed and several companies were established to take advantage of the wood and paper industries. At the same time, efforts were made to keep a forest growing, including the establishment of the first industrial forestry program in the nation.

Next time you are in a forest, think about all the things you can do there, as well as all the natural resources around you.

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