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Photo of Sherburne House, after restoration, 1998.
1998年修复完成的舍本屋(Sherburne House)建于1695,是博物馆馆内最老的建筑物

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斯卓贝里班奇(Strawbery Banke)

(Portsmouth)一个充满历史意义的斯卓贝里班奇(Strawbery Banke),您就可以看见这栋300年的房子及其他许许多多的老旧建筑物。斯卓贝里班奇区是由一群具有历史意义的建筑物所组成的户外博物馆。因为它们有助于我们了解数百年前的人们的生活方式,所以它们被完整的保存了下来。

内的其中一栋建筑物是舍本屋(Sherburne House)?它建于1695年,建筑者是船长约翰舍本(John Sherburne)。这栋房子的建筑风格(房子的建造方式)告诉我们,早期住在朴次茅斯市的欧洲殖民是英国人。其中一间房间的天花板涂有鲜艳的色点,这些色点是用海棉点上去的。这些色点也让进入房间的人感到心情愉快。我们很容易假想早期的移民是个性极为严肃的一群人。也许这个简单的装饰品:明亮的天花板色点,能让我们发现,移民们有着超出我们想像范围的温厚,也让我们认识到,他们与我们其实有相似之处

Have you ever been in a house that's older than the United States? If you go to Strawbery Banke, a historic area in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, you can see this 300-year-old house plus a lot of other very old buildings. Strawbery Banke is an outdoor museum of historic buildings. They are being preserved because they help us learn how people lived hundreds of years ago.

One of the buildings in Strawbery Banke is Sherburne House, which was built in 1695 by Captain John Sherburne. The architecture of the house (the way it's built) tells us that the early European settlers of Portsmouth were English. On the ceiling in one of the rooms are brightly colored spots that had been sponge-painted. The spots make the room look more cheerful. We tend to think of the early settlers as being very serious. Perhaps this simple decoration -- bright ceiling spots - lets us see them as more good-natured than we thought and, maybe, even more like ourselves.

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