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Photo of a woman trimming the ears of a golden retriever
汤普生应用学校的学生德瑞斯高(Joanna Driscoll)正在小型动物照料实验室内修剪黄金猎犬的耳朵,1999年的春天

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汤普生(Thompson) 应用科学学校


校内的其中一个科系为应用动物科学系(Applied Animal Science Department)。因为许多美国人养有狗、猫和其他的小型动物,所以让训练有素的人来照顾这些动物是很重要的一件事。汤普生学校内的学生可以学习小型动物照料(Small Animal Care),这门课程会教您宠物的行为模式及如何训练及照料它们。另外,学生也可以学习狗、猫应该吃何种食物及如何维护它们的身体健康。许多人会在兽医手下做事、到流浪动物之家工作或成为宠物的照料者。

应用动物科学的另外两个领域为马科管理(Equine Management)及乳品管理(Dairy Management)。马科管理会教导各式各样跟马有关的主题,从骑马、到实际上如何照料马儿的身体及如何管理谷仓及马厩而乳品管理则会安排学生实习,让他们有机会亲自参与蓄牛工作及学习农场的经营方式。您曾考虑过与动物有关的职业吗?

The Thompson School of Applied Science, in Durham, is part of the University of New Hampshire. It's a school for people who want to work with animals, forests or farms.

One of the departments in the school is the Applied Animal Science Department. Since so many Americans have dogs, cats, and other small animals, it's important to have people who are trained to care for these animals. Students at the Thompson School can study Small Animal Care. This is the study of how pets behave and how to train and groom them. Students also learn what kinds of food dogs and cats should eat and how to keep them healthy. Many go on to work with veterinarians or humane societies or become pet groomers.

The two other areas in Applied Animal Science are Equine Management and Dairy Management. Equine Management teaches all sorts of subjects related to horses - everything from riding to physical care of the animals to management of barns and stables. In the Dairy Management program students experience practical, hands-on work with cattle as well as learning about the business of farming. Have you ever considered a career with animals?  

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